Introduction to AI Open Guidelines

This is a community-driven collection of guidelines for building Human-Centered AI software. It is based on the work combining industry driven AI guidelines Wright, Austin P, et al., however, the structure may evolve over time. Guidelines are broken down into categories of different relevant parts of AI systems and then are broken down into lower levels of specificity for general best practices. As these guidelines are a synthesis from many different sources they should not be viewed as a single, authoritative, set of rules for how to go about building AI software. Rather they are a loose collection of things that may be important to keep in mind and are a useful reference to look over to ensure you are considering everything as you build this unique kind of software.

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This project is open source and AI is a fast-moving area, and so it may become important to add, remove, or edit guidelines. To contribute head over to

If these guidelines are useful in building an AI product or in extending other work in Human-AI interaction, please consider citing:

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